Friday, March 27, 2009

I am One of Seven

This really struck me. Ask anyone, no secret, Stan & I are not "touchy-feely" Christians. We are planners, doers, supporters. We're the logistics behind the people who are touchy-feely. And we're happy to fill that role any day of the week. We have no desire to go on a prayer walk - but ask us to plan one and we'll bust out a map with timelines and notes about the neighborhood demographics.

We are Stephens.

But we're given crap for it and I don't think that's fair. I think there's such a critical place for planner-doers in a healthy, growing church.

If all you have are a bunch of really inspired visionaries there's every possibility that they'll swirl around being fabulous - but without purpose and planing, it becomes near to impossible for outsiders to find a place, to get on board.

The bigger you grow, the more it's necessary for planning & purpose. And that's proven in this scripture. After infrastructure was added, the church grew and did even more amazing things, including the addition of some of the most unlikely people.

So I'm not going to feel lousy about not being a touchy-feely Christian anymore. I'm going to embrace the me that God made. The detail oriented, hospitality gifted, creative, organized, planner doer. That's me. And since I'm asking for less judgement from the touchy-feely people, I'm going to be less judgemental of them - because they do some pretty awesome things for God too.

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