Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm It!

I've been tagged by my bestest friend in the whole world Liz

Here are the rules:
1. The player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

2. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, and then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog for the rules.

One - I compulsively reply to things like this, goes the same for forms. I still have the children's book I'm supposed to send on to some kid sitting (addressed in the envelope) on the front seat of my car along with the letters demanding the same action from 6 other unsuspecting victims. (what's with 6?)

Two - I don't know 6 bloggers, I know 1 and guess who sent this to me... I'll give you one guess!!!

Three - I laughed so hard at the evening news last night that I snorted. I don't even remember what they were talking about. Story of my life.

Four - I eat a Lean Cuisine nearly every day for lunch. I also have a yogurt, some fruit, a V8, 44oz of sweetened iced tea, an ice cream and whatever else I can scrounge up...

Five - Mark, the day manager at my local QT, knows my name. When he says 'have a good day, see you soon', he means it. He knows it... I'll be back again tomorrow.

Six - I'm a sucker for great quotes, but I can never manage to repeat them correctly. Ever. I've stopped trying. My husband is still laughing about some of them.

Tagging: Um, see #2... it's sad, but true.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

fake boobs, all woman

Fall weather has finally arrived!

I'm so excited to be dragging out my favorite jean jacket, sweaters, and boots. I am also digging out my crochet hook! That's right, crochet. As though I didn't already have enough on my plate, I'm also going to make some Christmas presents... you have to at least give me credit for starting in October!!! I'm telling you, the hazards of Hobby Lobby are many! You go in for a wire wreath frame and you walk out addicted to a skein of the most famulous fluffy-soft yarn!

My B-I-L got married this last weekend. There's another girl in the family! It strikes me that they're so young. Then it dawns on me that we were at least 5 years younger when we were married! They have a lot of growing up ahead of them and hopefully, like Stan & I, they will grow up and grow together thru their marriage. I barely held back the waterworks, standing up there watching my little brother say his vows... looking like a grown man starting out on a life of his own. **sniff**

We didn't get many pictures, but this one was fun... the photographer took it for us!

I'm telling you, it takes a real woman to walk in a strapless mermaid dress and 4" stillettos while carrying a squirming 30 pound toddler - without having a wardrobe malfunction!! It's so much fun getting dressed up though! The gal who tailored our dresses did a fabulous job of stitching in some boobs for me and I even treated myself to a good mani-pedi!

It's sad that I don't have anywhere to wear such a fabulous dress... When you were 4 you could wear a crown and your favorite fuzzy pink slippers every day, but you get older and POW, you gotta wear real shoes and brush your hair! The heels will get some play time though. I love sexy shoes and these are about as good as they get. Bronze & brown, sorta-animal print, patent leather peep toes! They'll be great with my Lucky jeans and a sweater anytime there's not actual snow on the ground! I'll be better positioned for a kiss from the hubby too!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

hello... Faith... is that you?

At church we have been going thru Hebrews talking about "Churchy" words. Incarnation, Covenant, Priest, Temple, Sacrifice, Faith... Faith is what we talked about Sunday and last night at small group.

I have always felt like I've had very strong faith. I've always been content in my faith. God has blessed my life. I can look back to times in my life that God has directed me and everything has seemed to fall together - in ways I know I couldn't have made happen myself. So I know that God gives direction and blessing. Not just in general, but personally to me. So I know that he will continue to. (That is the definition of faith, right.) Why would he stop now? I will continue to be faithful and his promise is that he will be faithful to those who are faithful to him.

But sometimes… sometimes, there's this little voice in the back of my head that asks if I'm content because I'm choosing to be faithful, or if I'm choosing to be content because I'm lazy. I don't spend as much time as I should reading my bible. I don't set aside a specific time every day to talk to God, or more importantly to listen for God. But I still feel strong in my faith. I still pray every day. I read Christian books (Simple Church is captivating me right now). I’m in a small group. I even check the “I’m here all the time” box at church. I’m involved in ministry. I talk about my faith to others. My husband & I speak deeply and intimately about our faith and about what Christ and church means in our life. I try always to be an example of God, of Christ, of being a good, responsible Christian.

But am I lazy? Am I resting on the fact that I grew up in church to fill in the gaps in my depth of knowledge? Am I “familiar enough” with the bible that it’s become like the episode of Backyardigan’s I’ve watched 20 times and can tell you, in my own words what happens, even quoting some of the lines and singing a song word-for-word? Is that enough? Is it more meaningful that I have the scriptures in my heart? Is it lame that I rely on that? Is it hindering my spiritual growth that I don’t read the bible and pray every single day? With my husband? Would the benefit outweigh the additional lack of sleep? Is it laundry, and dishes, and an adorable little boy, and an adorable big man that get in my way of spending more time in scripture… or are those all just convenient excuses? Or, is this questioning of my blind, child-like faith an evil doubt? Am I strong in my faith and these questions are being raised by a voice other than God’s? Should I continue to choose to rely on faith, continue to try to grow in my knowledge, and remain content in the shelter of God’s wings?

I want it to be child-like faith, not just naiveté.

Australia's looking good...

I slammed my right thumb between two pieces of 6" steel pipe this morning, helping to pull an order. (and the girl that I am was thinking - no, I was doing so well making my hands pretty for the wedding)

Then, our picker decided to misbehave with me on it - freezing and shouting "Error 81" at me while 12 feet in the air. All this before lunch.

I think I'll move to Australia.