Friday, December 18, 2009

A Return To Slavery...

One Progressive Step at a Time

Interesting blog post you might check out. 

-Strip away the rheteric, boil it all down; forcing one person to do something for the benefit of another = slavery.  Makes you cringe, right?

-Punishing the young.  Not typical; watch out young people.  Oh, yeah, and you rich capitalist buggars too- but then, you're accustomed to being in the government's sights.

Contact your Senator or Congressional Representative now.  Tell them you don't want their idea of health care reform.  (personally, I'm for tort reform and allowing insurers/policies to travel across state lines instead of this comprehensive hooey - if after 5 years of reform we still don't see improvement, then consider a complete government run overhaul)  See, I'm in that 70% that works for a company that provides really great insurance - and I wouldn't have accepted their offer unless it did.  It's call choice.  Use it or lose it...

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