Monday, September 17, 2007


I have so much to say. I'm not sure where to start. So this will ramble a little.

First and foremost, hooray for wordsmith friends with lovely senses of humor who inspire me to attempt the same in my little corner of the world.

I have been carrying around this
clipping from one of those unsolicited catalogs I won't allow myself to spend money with. I'm going to create my own knock off some day when I have time (and send it to aforementioned friend). Actually, the chance it will elbow it's way onto my agenda in the next decade is slim... Maybe it is worth $25 bucks. Maybe I can find it half-price at Hobby Lobby?

I work full time. I am also full time mom & wife. I try to fit in a little time for me and somewhere in there get some sleep. Time is the thing I can always use more of. If only it came in pill form or gift cards...

In recent discussion with my soon to be sister-in-law we reasoned the vanity procedure we would want - if we could only have one... she said teeth whitening, which is second on my list. I'd want laser hair removal. I could save three-and-a-half minutes every shower. She couldn't believe that I knew exactly how much time it takes and commented "well, that makes sense, you're always looking for ways to save time." Well, it made me think... am I?


So, here are some of the ways I make extra time in my day:
1) I speed. Always. It knocks a good 5 minutes off my commute which means I can hit the snooze button for a third time, and still have my cup of coffee for the ride. I tell slow drivers in the fast lane (labeled such because you're supposed to be going fast) that they aren't "committed". I figure this is a word I'm okay with my son picking up. I won't get a call from school because he told a kid to commit... that'd be funny though.

2) I use disposable hot cups (it takes time to wash a real travel mug). I figure that's another 2 minutes. That's pretty conservative considering that I never manage to remember to bring it in from the car, so it sits in my cup holder for a couple days and gets really nasty so that I have to do a soak-bleach-repeat process to drink from it again. I usually end up tossing it anyway because that washing thing takes too much time. (I also use paper plates at home, but I have yet to throw out a plate instead of washing it.)

3) I take a nap in my car at lunch so I can function more hours at home.

4) I strip and sponge bathe my toddler while he's brushing his teeth for bed. He thinks I'm funny. I think he's in bed 10 minutes sooner.

5) I let my face mask and satin lips soak in while I'm showering. 10 minutes saved. Having to turn the water cold enough to rinse my face is a small price to pay for soft lips and refreshed pores!

Now, sure, there are other things I could do - and sure, there are more ordinary things like laying out my clothes and pre-planning meals that I do... but these are the ones that make me laugh at myself.

If I ever stop laughing at myself - shoot me! Please.


  1. have you started brushing your teeth in the shower too? I've even started keeping some mouthwash in there too. :D saves me almost 5 minutes. thats half a snooze. :) YAYAY for the Tracy blog! And I died lauging at the puzzle pieces (lost 2 minutes but how glorious they were).

  2. Thanks for giving me 2 precious minutes! I thought you'd like that.

    No, I can't spit right so I always end up with slobber running down my leg... ewww... tooth-brushing stays at the sink. I'm just not that talented.