Thursday, December 6, 2007

magical first snow

The magical first snow of the season arrived today. I had to chronicle it to share, though it's just not the same as actually getting to watch it accumulate outside your window, it will have to do.





Last night while talking to my BFF, while my son was pulling Christmas ribbon off a 100' roll, the doorbell rang.
Thankfully hubby answered that - to which he came trotting back with fruit in his hand exclaiming "this is the best fruit you've ever tasted, they're selling 50 grapefruits, 50 oranges, and 50 apples for a hundred and some dollars, you wanna get them?" ...While I'm still on the phone with BFF and taking pictures of Alex playing with a puddle of ribbon. My immediate thought is - of course - "What?" accompanied with some sort of "are you crazy" look.

Then I took a bite.

I've had 3 oranges, a grapefruit and 2 apples since 7pm last night. We split it with my in-laws and it worked out to be only about $.70/piece so I've rationalized it. And it's SO good! Probably because it's all from CA! Haha. The grapefruits taste like the ones from our backyard in LaHabra! So yummy. No scurvy in our household, that's for certain!

I went to Hobby Lobby (ribbon, above). Alex came with me and kept exclaiming "Look", like "don't you see that, you should be more excited, it's so cool!" So I went thru the whole store playing a weird game of Marco-Polo:


"I see"


"I see"


"I see"

It seemed to have made quite a few people's days from the grins on their faces!

I bought the garland I wanted for our banisters. *We have banisters!* They can't be naked for Christmas!!! I also got a berries swag for the mantle and another swag that I'm going to put on a wreath I already own but wanted to spruce up... haha, spruce - literally, actually... spruce.

I need more sleep.

And it snowed today!!! Life is good.

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  1. I'm kind of jealous. Weird huh? Once you're properly bundled and have the right kind of tires and a reliable car snow isn't that bad and it makes things so much more cozy ya know?