Wednesday, January 2, 2008

sub zero

This morning it was 5 degrees with a wind chill of -9! I pulled out my big coat and am thankful that:

1) I have a garage to park in overnight (that was still 42F this morning)
2) DH put new filters in the heater so we have increased efficiency
3) The sunshine is abundant so it at least LOOKS nice outside
4) I had time to cook this weekend so I have yummy leftovers for lunch without having to step foot out of my office
5) we have heaters in the warehouse so it will be at least 50F

AND I just heard the extended forecast - Sunday we're forecast to reach 61!!!

I can't decide if I'm (finally) going to clean out the planters in the front yard or just take Alex to the children's park and play the whole day!!!

1 comment:

  1. I really wish Kansas would make up its mind about where its going to sit on the temperature scale. For your sake. My word. Not wonder all you guys are sick.