Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stupid People

On one of my regular trips to QT (QuikTrip is the midwest's AM/PM on steriods for those of you not privy to it's splendors) Anyway - I'm a regular so I trot in like I own the place, grab a cup and hit a traffic jam at the ice machine... What? QT is like a demonstration in process flow, even at their busiest times you can breeze in for a sip, so what's gumming up the process?

Stupid people.

So I watch as, oh, maybe 5 different people attempt in vein to get ice from one of the 4, count them *4* dispensers when you can quite visbly see that there's a hunk of cubes lodged in the chute. Braniacs. But it gets better.

Now, I don't exactly consider myself a genius. Bright, sure, but not some more highly evolved version of the human species, I figure I just try harder. Well, maybe I've been wrong. Because I, in all my normalcy, walk 2 feet away, grab a straw and proceed to stab it up the chute repeatedly, dislodge the ice chunk and get my ice. Here's where it gets weird. I then realize that I have an audience. And I'm thinking, is this what the first ape who used a tool felt like? This is not rocket science people... man has been using tools to accomplish tasks for ages, literally. And here I am, straw in hand being sized up by on lookers as some sort of miracle.


Years ago, working on the phone in customer service I doodled a little gal, frazzled, pulling her hair out and screaming "No More Stupid People!!!". I find the phrase threaputic to this day.

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