Monday, February 25, 2008

Lazy Morning

So this morning I woke quite peacefully. Surprizingly so, actually. There was a glint of sunlight when my alarm went off at 40 after and I didn't once hit the snooze button. I was surprised at how light out it was, but I've secretly hoped spring would sneak up on me so I just rejoiced my wish had come true and did a little happy-dance in my head.

I got ready and went downstairs, started my coffee and did my makeup & hair. I had some new breakfast cookies I found on sale at the grocery store so I pulled one of those from the cupboard, snatched one of my son's bananas, donned my coat and headed out.

As I backed out of the garage, I changed the radio to AM so I could hear the traffic. Ugly. I'd take my alternate route thru downtown. Traffic's not usually this heavy, but whatever. I glance at the clock and see that I managed to get out of the house a little ahead of schedule, it was only 23 after and I was already on the hwy! What a deal.

So, I turn north on to I-35, drive past one of my customer's locations and realize that I forgot to enter his order from Friday. Oops. Pricing went up too, so I'll have to manually change it. So I look at the clock again to calculate if the customer service manager will be in the office yet (so I can call and beg her to fix it for me) and realize that it's not 30 after six, it's 30 after SEVEN!!!



I'm supposed to be in the office at 7:00! How is it 7:30?

And then it all makes sense...

I set my alarm for 6:40 instead of 5:40. That's why it's brighter outside. That's why there's more traffic. That's why I didn't jam the snooze button loathing having to leave my warm snuggly spot.

I should really consider going to bed earlier.

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