Wednesday, April 16, 2008

fleeting moments

Last night, before I tucked myself into bed, I snuck into my son's room. Daring to interrupt his precious sleep, I pulled him out of his crib and held him. My little angel. I stole snuggles and loves and thanked God for this treasure He's blessed me with.
My amazing special child for whom I could abandon all else just to spend the day discovering this world by his side. Every glorious moment of wonderment at what God has made for us; I am jealous of the newness with which my son experiences life. I am nearly depressed at the time I must spend away from him, ensuring he has a roof over his head, chicken nuggets, and (apple) sauce to his hearts delight.
But it's all so fleeting. This will only last such a short time and I am so afraid that I'm missing it - only too soon to be left behind.
Such is motherhood, regardless your employment situation I think. I just feel very desperately like clinging to him right now, so that's exactly what I did. I held him close and listened for God in his breaths. And I'm feeling a little better now. If not slightly weepy.

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  1. This still remains one of the most beautiful thing I think you've ever written. You're amazing!