Tuesday, June 3, 2008

way cool lightning!

Okay, so this is nothing compared to what the storm was really like. I took about a dozen shots and this is the best I could get.


Because there was SO MUCH lighning that every shot just looked like a boring shot of dusk! aarrgghh. (but this one's really cool.. right!!?!)

This storm was fantastic - lots of lightning jumping from cloud to cloud. Drenching sideways rain. Pea sided hail. And big CLAPS of thunder. So cool! I really wish I could have better captured it's intensity.

Maybe next time I'll be a little more dedicated. This was from our front driveway (for those of you familiar with our place - yes - that's the school zone sign in the very bottom of the frame). I sort of hap-hazardly ran out there, Stan chasing me with the tripod, after we got home from church group. Most of the storm had already passed us. sigh. The tripod's by the front door now and I'm looking forward to the next storm!

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