Friday, November 7, 2008

Cruise Control

I got my first speeding ticket this morning. Big one.

And I feel really bad about it, because it's money we just didn't need to spend.

I don't actually feel bad about the speeding, however I realize now that my habit of speeding isn't a line item in our budget. Nor am I willing to make it one.

Which means it's a habit I have to break.

Hello cruise control.

Whatever sound it is you make when you're annoyed at yourself, but not pissed off because you knew you were going to get caught some day, and really you're only upset because you have to take it home to your husband and it's going to impact your shopping, and result in a good deal of razzing from here on out even though it's your first (and not his)... and that you managed to go ticketless longer than your Mom did... even with her 6th sense for when a cop was around. And, and, and...
That sound, whatever it is - INSERT HERE.

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