Saturday, October 31, 2009

Funny Bones

Found this in one of Epicurious' recipe collections for Halloween, thought it was an adorably light-hearted take on traditional Halloween goodies! It was a big hit at Alex's school party and was rather quite easy to make.

I used 50/50 white chocolate chips and almond bark to reduce the cost (and because I had leftover almond bark to be used up). I also made my own double boiler by using a pot half-full of water on low with a SS bowl over. Make sure you don't exceed 120 degrees F or you'll wreck your chocolate!! Use a digital or candy thermometer if you're not sure. I used a plain ol' dinner fork and was able to turn out 200+ of these in about 2 hours. Hubby helped putting on mallows after I finished the trial run batch worth. I stored them in airtight containers with parchment paper between the layers for 1 week before packaging (as seen above).

I'm reminded, once again, never to play with chocolate unless you're using a double boiler!! Makes the whole process so much better.

Next: White chocolate covered fresh cranberries!!

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