Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I want out of work...

This!  This is what I want to say to prospective employers.  Please read and excuse me while I re-write my resume:

“You can hire any number of people who will go through the motions and do a perfectly adequate job for you. But I will do an outstanding job if you give me the right tools to do my work. That means I’d like access to the latest technology so that I can leverage it on your behalf (I probably know how to use it better than anyone on your staff). I’ll work until midnight if you need me to, but let me come in later the next morning, or maybe even work from home. If I’m slacking off, it’ll be obvious and then I’ll happily let you chain me to my desk.
I’m eager to learn, so give me training and a mentor and make me accountable for my performance. And if I do perform well, please don’t tell me I need to ‘put in more time’ before I get promoted because nothing is more sure to put a damper on my enthusiasm. I have a lot of good ideas and if you think they’re good, too, let’s implement them and not spend weeks just talking about them.”

Footnote: this stuff is good for everyone, not just Gen Y!

Above from BNet Insight Blog "Upstarts! Donna Fenn: The Lessons of GenY Entrepreneurs"

Depending on who's talking, I'm either a Gen X or Gen Y, based on my 1980 birthday.  I'm not sure that I'd latch on to one or another, though I think the title "baby boom echo" sounds good. My parents being of the Baby Boom and me being strongly influenced by them, and displaying baby-boomer-tendancies combined with all the influences of modern technology and recent global events.  (It's always interesting when you try to evade all labels, and then stumble into fitting one quite well!)

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