Monday, May 5, 2008


Why you ask?

Well, it all started last week, when my little brother got unlimited text messaging.

We'd been chatting and then he sent me this picture:

Yes, he's taking classes to become an EMT or the like. (He's still deciding. Shut up.)

Our following conversation has me chuckling to this day so I knew it was blog worthy!

Me: Did you really show up to class in a wife beater? Tell me no... tell me you took your other shirt off 'cause it was getting in the way of the bandaging. Please. (I'm the master of 160 characters...)

Ben: Sure, we'll go with that. (did I mention he's the youngest of 4 and placation is his specialty?)

Ben: No, even better. I'm so hot, girls ripped the other shirt off. And I was injured in the process. lol :)

Me: rotflmao

Me: Maybe you should consider stand-up.
(previous conversation... sorry, you'll have to believe me it was funny)

Ben: "rotflmao" What????? (yes, there were 5 question marks)

Me: rollin' on the floor laughing my ass off... get with the times kid! haha

I just taught my little brother tech jargon. Does that make me cool or is it a sad indication that I spend a little too much time on the keyboard?

Either way, it's fun. He feels thousands of miles closer, even if it is just text.

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  1. OMG! I love the new set up and thank you so much for calling Benny out on the wife beater thing. I always want to shout "we are not white trash" in a Mary Poppins "we are not a cod fish" kind of way when I see that. and I'm SOO glad you know the 1000s of miles closer to your siblings gig with the texting. So many people don't get it.