Thursday, October 18, 2007

fake boobs, all woman

Fall weather has finally arrived!

I'm so excited to be dragging out my favorite jean jacket, sweaters, and boots. I am also digging out my crochet hook! That's right, crochet. As though I didn't already have enough on my plate, I'm also going to make some Christmas presents... you have to at least give me credit for starting in October!!! I'm telling you, the hazards of Hobby Lobby are many! You go in for a wire wreath frame and you walk out addicted to a skein of the most famulous fluffy-soft yarn!

My B-I-L got married this last weekend. There's another girl in the family! It strikes me that they're so young. Then it dawns on me that we were at least 5 years younger when we were married! They have a lot of growing up ahead of them and hopefully, like Stan & I, they will grow up and grow together thru their marriage. I barely held back the waterworks, standing up there watching my little brother say his vows... looking like a grown man starting out on a life of his own. **sniff**

We didn't get many pictures, but this one was fun... the photographer took it for us!

I'm telling you, it takes a real woman to walk in a strapless mermaid dress and 4" stillettos while carrying a squirming 30 pound toddler - without having a wardrobe malfunction!! It's so much fun getting dressed up though! The gal who tailored our dresses did a fabulous job of stitching in some boobs for me and I even treated myself to a good mani-pedi!

It's sad that I don't have anywhere to wear such a fabulous dress... When you were 4 you could wear a crown and your favorite fuzzy pink slippers every day, but you get older and POW, you gotta wear real shoes and brush your hair! The heels will get some play time though. I love sexy shoes and these are about as good as they get. Bronze & brown, sorta-animal print, patent leather peep toes! They'll be great with my Lucky jeans and a sweater anytime there's not actual snow on the ground! I'll be better positioned for a kiss from the hubby too!


  1. Ohh - droolage on the shoes. How scrumptious. Why do a pair of awesome heals make the world a better place? I mean seriously?

  2. Okay, so the shoes I have are actually Bandolino, but this is as close as I could find: