Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did we really just have this conversation?

I don't remember what started the conversation, but Stan mused that if they ever figure out how to slow down light, that he wouldn't be surprised if it turned into matter. Which made me think of the replicators on Star Trek, you know, you walk over to the box on the wall and say "earl gray tea, hot" some light appears and out of the light comes your tea*...
So I said to Stan, "like a replicator!", with which he immediately agreed and then I thought to clarify... "the Star Trek replicators, not the Stargate replicators". And Stan again agreed, thinking outloud though, that the theory could stand for either.

At which point I sighed, shook my head and asked Stan "Did we really just have a conversation in which we had to clarify which Star-series we were eluding to!?"

We're such old married geeks!!!

*before I get hate-mail from less casual Star Trek geeks let me disclaim - yes, I know, the replicator is transporter technology - taking matter stored in bulk and spitting it out in a different form. Turning light into matter is just my cool hypothesis of the how.

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