Friday, August 28, 2009

If you've ever wondered about Fire Sprinklers...

Here's the stark comparison of a room without, and a room with sprinklers!

I already know what you're saying... So, what's that cost!?
For new construction, $1.00-2.00/sq. ft., depending on roof material and room layout. Prove to your insurance agent that it's a 13D system installed by a licensed contractor, and you'll pay less for your homeowner's insurance too. Long term savings AND life safety.

What a deal!

FENTON, MO ( AP) - This last Friday of the month is the first day for several new laws in Missouri. Among the new laws, home builders must now offer consumers the option of having fire sprinklers installed in their homes. To make a point about the new law, firefighters in Fenton, were 'burning down the house,' Friday morning. The firefighters at Engine House #1 demonstrated the value of an in home sprinkler system.

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