Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best of You

Heard the song Best of You by the Foo Fighters on the radio today.  I took it to be God asking me "Is someone else getting the best of you".  Not exactly the original intent of the song, but that's how it touched me today.

I'm also reading Crazy Love in small group right now and God's really been tugging at my heart to spend more time with Him.  Reading the Bible, sure, but specifically, spending more time listening to Him.  Just being quiet in His presence.  I don't admit this often, but I do believe that God has spoken to me. (why do I think that makes me sound crazy)  At my lowest times, He has whispered to my heart what I've needed to hear most.  Comfort and wisdom no person could provide.  

In the book, there's a challenge that's stuck in my head.  The author relayed the parable of the sower... if you don't know the story, it's explained here.  He says:  Don't assume you're good soil.

Don't assume you're good soil.

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